Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Fourth!!!

Happy fourth every one!!!
I Love this Tilda She is so cute(I got it from They are Awesome) I colored her with distress inks.I am not a pro but I think looks Okay :)
I am so excited I got some new "toys" to play with I am hopping to have some time to create and post again soon.


Samantha Silva


Paloma said...

This card looks fantastic... I really loved your Tilda... She's cute, I hope you can post more cards... I miss you!

Samantha Silva said...

I miss you too!! Thanks for stopping By!!!

Joice Stêfani said...

Soooo cute!

Tracy V. said...

I see you got Parasol. She is so cute. Lisette and I are trying to get together this friday to play. I'll let you know if we do, your welcome to come too. Then you can stamp some of our things and not have to rush!