Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love is in the air!!!

I am back in less than a week :)
I was feeling anxious all day today only because I had a card on my head that I wanted to post. I colored my maggie with copics, I think I colored three images before I was happy with this one, coloring with copics is so fun that I feel bad for not starting the vicious cycle before...I really think I need more colors:P

I feel so good after I make cards...card therapy is working!!!
Special Thanks for the PROS for Sharing and always inspiring me <3
Thanks for stoping by.

Samantha Silva

Being Sentimental!!
A Spoonful Of Sugar

Friday, January 21, 2011

Notebook , Flowes and Copics.

Hi, I am back lol.
So many new toys and ideas to share....

Just a simple notebook :) This maggie was one of the first that I colored with my copics,which I am Loving by the way. here is a Picture of my new obsession <3.
Any who,I wanted to start making some flowers for Summer because it is around the corner... so I got my cricut and some paper out and made five different "shapes" of flowers,I only put some of them together and the rest I placed in those baggies so when ever I need a new flower I can just dye it the color I want glue it together and get creative :P I do not know if you can tell the difference but here it is...

Ps: The pictures are really bad I was to lazy to use my camera but I promise I will use it next time.
Thanks For stopping By <3