Sunday, July 11, 2010

Black and White

Party at my House today, How can people be so loud???
Some times I wish I had a remote control to mute then all lol
Even when they are having a "normal" conversation they yelling, Not amused
Thanks brother of mine for bringing me food..I LOVE YOU.
Ps: I do not hate parties.

I colored the Tilda with Prisma Pencils, The papers are from my stash and I made the rose :) which I learned how to in a video on Youtube that I can't find the link to post soooo sorry.

Thanks for Looking.


Samantha Silva


Joice Stêfani said...

Ohh, I remember those parties,haha. On sunday I was looking at pictures on Rita's Orkut and I didn't think I would, but now I miss those parties, I wish I could have been there,hehe. But yeah, they are loud and messy.
Cute card sis, its more on the chic, sofisticated side, love it! You're so good, you should start selling cards, like one of a kind cards, it would be cool to receive a card that was made especially for you and no one else would have one like it,hehehe. Love u!

Paloma said...

I have agree with Joice on that one...
And I have no words to say about your card... it's just "perfect", or something else... no words at all....

Samantha Silva said...

No wonder I love you both!!!